US Singlehanded Championships Area C Elimination

  • Saturday, June 2nd, 2012
  • Surf City YC
  • Surf City, NJ

Saturday June 2, 2012
Surf City Yacht Club
9th and the Bay
Surf City, NJ 08008
609 494 1532
41st Jack Elfman Orange Coffee Pot Laser Regatta
US Sailing Single-Handed Championship Area C Qualifier
Standard Rig Lasers (Men) and Radial Rig Lasers (Women)

1.1 The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) and the International Laser Class Association (ILCA) rules.
1.2 The organizing authority is Surf City Yacht Club
2.1 It is suggested OCP competitors be members of the International Laser Class Association, but not required.
2.2 There will be one start for Standard Rig Lasers, Radial Rig Lasers and 4.7. If 5 or more Radials register, there will be a separate start for the Radials.
2.3 All competitors will be competing in the Orange Coffee Pot Regatta in their respective fleets.
Competitors wishing to compete in the US Sailing Single-Handed Championship Area C Qualifier must:
a) Be members of US Sailing and International Laser Class Association
b) Reside in, or regularly compete in BBYRA, CBYRA, MAYRA, NJYRA or DCYRA and not have participated in any other area single-handed qualification event.
c) Competitors for the Men's Championship must be males and sailing in the standard rig fleet.
d) Competitors for the Women's Championship must be females and sailing in the radial rig fleet.
e) If no females compete in the radial fleet, then the top female will be selected from the standard rig fleet.
f) Competitors for both championships must designate themselves as Area C Qualifier Competitors at check-in.
g) Be at least age 17 in the calendar year 2012
3.1 The entry fee is $25. It includes: breakfast, water/bars/bananas on the water, after racing food, beverages and awards.
3.2 Pre-registration is requested and can be completed by contacting
Newt Wattis
609 494 2801
E Mail:
Or going to website then sailing, registration etc.

3.3 All sailors, including those who pre-registered, must check-in Saturday morning at the registration desk in the first floor of the clubhouse.
4.1 Saturday, June 2
Registration, check-in and Breakfast 0800-0915
Skippers Meeting 0915
Warning signal for first race 1015 followed by subsequent races
After race food, refreshment and awards.
4.2 No warning signal shall be made after 1530.
4.3 A maximum of 7 races are scheduled.
5.1 Sailing instructions will be available at check-in.
6.1 The sailing area will be on Manahawkin Bay north of the Club.
7.1 The Low Point Scoring System, Appendix A, shall apply. Competitors may discard their worst score if 6 or more races are sailed.
7.2 A minimum of one race must be completed to constitute a regatta.
7.3 Men and Women sailing the Area C qualifier will be scored as a subgroup. Their overall fleet scores will be used to determine their sub-group order.

8.1 Prizes will be awarded to:
-Standard Rig Fleet:
-Radial Fleet:
-4.7 Fleet:
-1st Woman
-1st Junior < 18 Years old
-1st Master > 50 Years old
9.1 Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. See rule 4, Decision to Race. The organizing authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta.
10.1 For further information, please see Surf City Yacht Club
11.1 Newt Wattis
231 21st Street
Surf City, NJ 08008
Phone: 609 494 2801
E Mail:

12.1 List of hotels and motels can be found at website
12.2 Some member housing may be available to those who request early enough. Please contact Newt Wattis
13.1 Surf City Yacht Club is located on Long Beach Island. Take Exit 63 off the Garden State Parkway Rt. 72 east to Long Beach Island. Once over the high bay bridge, turn left at the first traffic light (CVS). Proceed north about 1 mile to 9th Street. Turn left to the bay. Clubhouse and launching is on the right.
14.1 Additional Rules Regarding Appeals
Under rule 70.5(a), there shall be no appeal of the decision of a protest or request for redress. However, a decision following a hearing under rule 69.1(a) may be appealed.
E?mail and phone contact information for each boat entered and for the chairmen of the protest committee and the race committee shall be posted on the official notice board at all times during the event.

Rule 65.2 is changed as follows:
65.2 A party to the hearing is entitled to receive the above information in writing, provided she asks for it in writing and hand?delivers her request to a member of the protest committee no later than the protest time limit on the last day of racing or one hour after being informed of the decision, whichever is later. The committee shall then, within two hours, hand?deliver the information to the party, including when relevant, a diagram of the incident prepared or endorsed by the committee.
Rule 66 is changed as follows:
66.1 A hearing may be reopened when the protest committee decides that it may have made a significant error, or when significant new evidence becomes available within a reasonable time.
66.2 The protest committee may reopen the hearing. A party to the hearing may ask for a reopening no later than one hour after being informed of the decision. When a hearing is reopened under rule 66.2, a majority of the members of the protest committee shall, if possible, be members of the original protest committee.
66.3 Area Elimination Reopening
(a) A party to a hearing of a protest or request for redress may request an Area Elimination Reopening. The request shall be in writing and include the significant error that the party believes the protest committee made or the nature of the significant new evidence that is available. The request shall be made no later than 24 hours after the hearing or 24 hours after the protest time limit on the last day of racing, whichever is later. The request, along with copies of the original protest or request for redress, the facts found, the decision of the protest committee, any new evidence that cannot be presented verbally, and e?mail and phone contact information for all parties to the hearing as well as the chairman of the protest committee, shall be sent by e?mail to the US SAILING Championships Director,, and the US SAILING Championships Chairman,
(b) The protest committee for an Area Elimination Reopening shall consist of the chairman of the original protest committee plus four certified judges appointed by US SAILING. A majority of the committee’s members shall be Senior or International Judges. US SAILING will appoint its chairman.
(c) An Area Elimination Reopening will be conducted by telephone conference call. The time and date for the conference call shall be established by the chairman as soon as practicably possible and no later than seven days after the request for reopening is e?mailed. The chairman will e?mail to the parties to the hearing the request for reopening, the facts found, the decision of the protest committee, the time and date of the hearing, the process for joining the call and any other relevant documents.
4/15/12, Rev 1 5/17/12

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